16th Int. Tatlısu Carob and Folk Dances Festival to get underway
Date Added: 08 September 2023

The 16th International Tatlısu Carob and Folk Dances Festival, organized by the Tatlısu Municipality to promote carob and its products, expand its consumption, and raise awareness about it begins tonight.

The Mayor of Tatlısu, Hayri Orçan, held a press conference regarding the content of the festival.

In addition to cultural, sports, and entertaining performances that will last for 3 days, there will also be concerts by local and foreign artists and groups.

Speaking at the press conference at the Zambak Holiday Village facilities, Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan stated that, as in previous years, stands and brochures highlighting carob and its products would be distributed.

He emphasized that their goal was not only to promote the product but also to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural lives of the area’s residents.

Orçan expressed concern that the undetermined prices for carob still negatively impact the producers and pledged to take the necessary steps to preserve carob, the country’s most important asset, for the sake of its continued production.

He also mentioned that on the first day of the festival, there would be a beauty contest for children and performances by local music groups.

On the second day, various entertaining shows and a concert by Pera will take place, and on the final day of the festival, various performances and a concert by Murat Kekili are planned.

Yıltan Tozakı, Director of Final Organization, highlighted the anticipation of an extremely enjoyable festival in Tatlısu, aiming to present performances that have not been previously showcased.

Çiğdem Dağıstanlı, who will be hosting the festival, invited everyone to the exciting event and expressed her gratitude to those who contributed.

The opening of the festival, which will last for three days, is expected to be carried out by President Ersin Tatar.

Participation in all festival activities will be free of charge.