3rd Women in Business summit has begun
Date Added: 01 December 2023

The 3rd Women in Business summit began in the tourism capital Girne on Thursday.

The two day summit was organized in cooperation with the Cyprus Turkish Entrepreneur Women’s Association and the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Türkiye and with the support of the Union of Municipalities of Türkiye.

Speaking at the summit, President Ersin Tatar voiced his cupport and trust in business women.

The 3rd “Women in Business Summit, Guiding the Future” kickstarted in Girne on Thursday.

The summit is being attended by the presidents and members of 24 NGOs from Türkiye, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan and the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

During the 2-day summit, speakers will present their views on the topics of “Our Future is Youth”, “Future of Science and Technology”, “Future of Business” and “Future of Agriculture and Food”.

The summit aims to highlight the achievements of women in the business world and promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

During the opening remarks the head of the Turkish Cypriot Entrepreneur Women’s Association Dr. İçim Çağıner Kavuklu highlighted the need for equality and sovereignty in Northern Cyprus to promote the prosperity of the country.

The head of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Türkiye Esra Bezircioğlu for her part recognized the significant role women play in sustainable economic development in both Türkiye and the TRNC.

The head of the Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Association Sakine Babayeva emphasized the importance of unity, solidarity, and brotherhood for the future.

The wife of the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Birgül Feyzioğlu spoke about the role of women throughout history and their future contributions.

She advocated for flexible working models and expanded childcare centers to support women in the workforce.

President Ersin Tatar also addressed the summit.

He praised the representation of women from three states and one nation, stating that they will shape the future.

Tatar highlighted the remarkable struggle of Turkish women throughout history and by noting the similar struggles of women in Cyprus and Azerbaijan, expressed the TRNC’s solidarity with Türkiye in its 100th year.

Tatar also commended the increased presence of women in the state administration in the TRNC and their success as entrepreneurs.

He encouraged women, women entrepreneurs, the young generations, and young girls to strive for leadership positions in the country.