570th anniversary of conquest of Istanbul
Date Added: 29 May 2023

The 570th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul is being celebrated.

The Speaker of the Parliament Zorlu Töre, issued a message on Monday, on the occasion of the 570th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul.

Töre emphasized the joy of celebrating the 570th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul and said, “This great victory of the Turkish nation, which marked the beginning of a new era and the end of another, is the heritage left to us by our ancestors.”

Pointing out that through the conquest of Istanbul, where continents meet and the whole world has set its eyes upon, Töre said not only land was conquered but also hearts were won.

He reminded that Istanbul, which shapes the social, economic, and cultural life of Türkiye, has also become a symbol of peace, brotherhood, and coexistence.

“Today, Istanbul has become a city where everyone finds a piece of themselves, and with its numerous riches, it will continue to be the locomotive of Türkiye from its conquest to eternity. I salute the great conquest of the Turkish nation and remember Fatih Sultan Mehmed and the heroes of the conquest with respect and mercy,” Parliamentary Speaker Töre added.