9th Kalavaç Culture and Art Festival
Date Added: 22 April 2024

“There’s no such thing as a dead-end for Turkish Cypriots,” said President Ersin Tatar on Sunday as he highlighted that the Turkish Cypriot people, who couldn’t safely move from one place to another in 1974, now live independently and freely.

Tatar was speaking at the 9th Kalavaç Culture and Art Festival organised jointly by the Değirmenlik-Akıncılar Municipality and Kalavaç Village Council.

Speeches were delivered by state and government officials at the festival on Sunday.

Speaking first, the Mayor of Değirmenlik-Akıncılar, Ali Karavezirler, expressed the significance of culture and art in overcoming challenges, stating that the people of Kalavaç, despite their remote location, prioritized cultural activities.

Also speaking, the leader of the main opposition Republican Turkish Party Tufan Erhürman expressed belief in overcoming all challenges through unity and solidarity.

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly, Zorlu Töre, who also delivered a short speech emphasized the importance of culture, art, and production in Kalavaç, reflecting their own commitment to culture and production.

Töre highlighted that the real challenges were experienced before 1974 and emphasized the importance of supporting the TRNC as a sovereign state.

He also drew attention to the world’s silence on the tragedy in Gaza.

Delivering the final speech, President Ersin Tatar said that there were no dead-ends for the Turkish Cypriot people, emphasizing the progress made since 1974.

Highlighting Kalavaç village’s Ottoman heritage, Tatar reiterated the necessity of two separate states as the basis for any agreement in Cyprus.

He underscored Türkiye’s crucial role and the presence of Turkish troops as essential components of any potential agreement.

President Tatar also stressed the importance of preserving Turkish Cypriot culture through events like festivals.

Following the speeches, the festival continued with various folk dance performances.