Amcaoğlu says Bureau Veritas yet to operate in TRNC
Date Added: 26 October 2021

The Undersecretary for the Prime Minister’s Office and head of the Hellim Coordination Commission Hüseyin Amcaoğlu criticised the investigation and certification service Bureau Veritas which is responsible to oversee whether or not Hellim cheese production in the TRNC is in line with Product of Designation Origin (PDO) requirements.

He complained that the firm had started receiving applications from Greek Cypriot producers but that despite all their efforts it had not started any work in the TRNC.

Amcaoğlu added that initiatives were being undertaken at the highest level to ensure that the current injustice was addressed.

He also said that all legal action will be taken together with civil society organisations to protect the rights and interests of Turkish Cypriot Hellim producers.

The European Commission had approved the registration of Hellim as a PDO on April 12, protecting the valuable name against imitation and misuse across the EU. Only Hellim produced in Cyprus according to the product specification is now allowed to use the registered name.

The registration allows producers of this iconic Cypriot cheese produced on both sides, famous around the world for its characteristic texture, folded appearance, and suitability for serving grilled or pan-fried, based anywhere on the island of Cyprus to benefit from the PDO status.