Anger spews over decision in İsias trial
Date Added: 02 April 2024

The latest developments concerning the İsıas trial, scheduled to take place on April 26 in Adıyaman, have sparked outrage in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Reactions have been growing to the surprise decision by the court to release Efe Bozkurt and Halil Bağcı based on an expert report from Gazi University.

The head of the Champion Angels Association Ruşen Yücesoylu Karakaya and President of the Cyprus Turkish Bars Association Hasan Esendağlı who spoke to BRT, expressed their disappointment and frustration.

Karakaya said that the findings of the report prepared by the university were ludicrous.

“It’s clear that the report was prepared carelessly without being given the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, two of the defendants were released with just weeks left before the next hearing. We will continue to pursue justice for our children,” she said.

Karakaya also said that they will be objecting to the report.

President of the Cyprus Turkish Bars Association Hasan Esendağlı for his part said that this was not an acquittal decision or a dropping of the charges brought before the defendants.

“They have not been acquitted. However, we are concerned about the decision. Our legal experts have concluded that the Expert Report from Gazi University was prepared carelessly, did not answer the court’s questions, and did not provide any information on important matters. We will appeal.” Esendağlı said.

“The road we are on has shown us once again that it is rocky. We are fighting a different battle in a different geography. There are deficiencies in the report. The court will make interim decisions. A new expert report may be requested,” he said.