Animal breeders association donates ₺1.6m for earthquake victims
Date Added: 15 March 2023

The Head of the Cyprus Turkish Livestock Breeders Association Mustafa Naimoğlulları on Monday handed over a cheque worth ₺1.6m to the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Metin Feyzioğlu as part of donations collected for earthquake victims in Türkiye.

Accepting the donation, the Turkish Ambassador said that he was deeply touched by the move.

“The money collected is one of the largest donations made for the earthquake victims so far. This money was collected one by one from all the farmers, in other words from labourers. This shows the extent of the contribution made. The feeling of unity and solidarity is overwhelming,” he added.

Naimoğluları for his part said that they along with everyone else were deeply affected by the earthquake disaster.

“Since February 6 we were able to send 9 Lorries of milk to the earthquake zones. And now today we are handing over this cheque worth ₺1.6m. Our contributions and donations will continue in the period ahead,” he said, adding that the livestock breeders will always be by the side of the Turkish nation.