Annexation of TRNC by any country cannot be an official thesis of Presidency
Date Added: 20 January 2022

The TRNC President’s Press Office on Wednesday said that the remarks made by the President of the Markets Association Fuat Nalcıoğlu that he supports the annexation of Cyprus as a whole to the real owner of Cyprus, motherland Turkey, is not the official position of the TRNC Presidency.

The statement stressed that the annexation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by any country or the TRNC to any other country cannot be an official thesis of the TRNC Presidency under any circumstances.

The statement also added that Nalcıoğlu’s remarks being reflected as the official policy of the Presidency on some media organs was completely false and incompatible with media ethics.

“It is well known by everyone that the Presidency does not have any other thesis than the Turkish Cypriots who attained their own state after long years of national struggle should live freely and in security and that a possible solution in Cyprus should be based on cooperation of two sovereign equal states” the statement stressed.

“We want the media organizations which try to associate anyone’s social media post with the legal entity of the Presidency to respect the people’s right to receive true and objective news, act within the framework of media ethics and to realize that neither our people nor our state can benefit from twisted or false publishing. We are confident that our people will not give credit to false news” the statement concluded.