April 23rd celebrations
Date Added: 22 April 2024

The 23rd of April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day celebrations are continuing.

A group of students from different schools visited state and government officials today as part of the 104th anniversary of the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, which represents the national will of the Turkish nation.

A group of 50 students visited the Republic’s Assembly on Monday as part of events marking the 23rd of April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

The children who were greeted by the Speaker of Parliament Zorlu Töre took part in a special session where they sat in the seats of the MPs before each addressing the plenary.

Later parliament convened to discuss “children’s rights.”

As part of the visits, a group of 15 children also visited the Prime Ministry where they held a symbolic cabinet meeting.

The students also paid separate visits to President Ersin Tatar, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, the Minister of National Education Nazım Çavuşoğlu and the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Metin Feyzioğlu.

In the meantime, Education Minister Nazım Çavuşoğlu will deliver a speech on Tuesday, April 23 at 8am on Bayrak Radio Television.

A state ceremony will also be held in front of the Atatürk Monument in Lefkoşa in the morning as well.

Various activities will be held in all districts and schools on April 23rd to mark National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.