Arıklı announces new national airline: Mavi Girne Airlines
Date Added: 23 September 2022

The Minister of Public Works and Transportation Erhan Arıklı has announced the name of the new national airline as Mavi Girne Airlines.

Speaking to BRT regarding the new airport and the new airline company, Minister Arıklı said that technical work has been completed and there are plans to start flights on November 15 this year.

Explaining that the name Mavi Girne was based on the Blue Homeland doctrine and that the company they worked with had made a proposal in this direction, Arıklı said that all technical work has been completed and will be submitted to the approval of the ministers during the next Council of Ministers meeting.

Arıklı said that the company is ready to launch the flights and that hopefully on the 15th of November everything will run smoothly with planes landing at the new airport.

Minister Arıklı said there were many people from the Black Sea area residing in the TRNC who have been experiencing difficulty flying to that region in Türkiye which was why the first flights would be in that area.

He said that they plan to fly to all destinations in the future.

“We will go to all destinations, and if touchdowns can be made from Moscow, then charter flights can be realised. We expect a large number of tourists from Russia. Russian tourists couldn’t go to South Cyprus this year because there were no flights; therefore we can fill this gap. We aim to attract the majority of Russian tourists,” he said.

Stating that the new airline company will comply with the requirements of the Turkish Civil Aviation Department, Minister Arıklı stated that a fleet of five planes may be in question.

Minister Arıklı also gave information about the establishment and financial structure of the new airline company.

Stating that the Republic of Türkiye has very serious suggestions about the opening of the new airport, Arıklı said that the procurement of technical equipment is being followed by the Turkish minister of transport, upon the instruction of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Noting that some of the equipment at the old Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy was sent, Arıklı said, “There is no shortage, everything is going well”

“I believe that as the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gives such importance to this issue, then his plane should be the first to land at the new airport on November 15,” said Arıklı.

He also noted that they hope to lower ticket prices with the establishment of the new airline company.