Ayşe Keçecioğlu’s photograph exhibition titled “Portraits” opened
Date Added: 21 June 2024

Ayşe Keçecioğlu’s photograph exhibition titled “Portraits” was inaugurated at Ercan Airport.

The exhibition, which is located after the passport control at the airport, consists of 27 photographs.

According to the information provided by T&T Airport Management, the exhibition, which is being displayed at Ercan Airport after the departure and passport control area, consists of 27 photographs.

Saying a few words at the opening of the exhibition, Ayşe Keçecioğlu emphasized that opening an exhibition at the new Ercan Airport was important for her.

Serhat Özçelik, General Manager of T&T Airport Operations, said that in addition to exhibitions and social events, activities that highlight Cypriot culture, traditions and customs are also carried out at Ercan Airport.

Stating that the works of Cypriot or foreign artists were being exhibited at the airport every month, Özçelik said, “Our priority is to explain the Cypriot culture to those travelling from the airport.”

Pointing out that the two exhibition areas at the airport are open to all artists, Özçelik said that in the near future, they will bring Cypriot culture to Ercan Airport, and that every month, events will be held to highlight the artworks of the artists and displays of craftsman who make lefkara (needlework), selesepet (sestas and woven baskets) and chairs, alongside local food and beverages will continue to be made available throughout the year.