Binali Yıldırım visits PM Üstel
Date Added: 12 September 2023

The Justice and Development Party’s Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım was recieved by Prime Minister Ünal Üstel on Monday.

Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Metin Feyzioğlu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth, and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu and the Minister of Public Works and Transportation Erhan Arıklı were also present at the meeting.

Üstel said that Yıldırım has contributed significantly to major projects in the TRNC which he referred to as Yıldırım’s second home.

The AKP’s vice chairman, in response, stressed that they will continue to defend the just cause of the TRNC.

He also noted that the TRNC’s membership in the Organisation of Turkic States was a significant step towards ending the TRNC’s isolation.

Welcoming Yıldırım to the TRNC, who is set to speak at a panel, Üstel praised the Deputy AKP chairman for his contributions to major projects in the TRNC, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and road networks.

“Your concerns are our concerns; your joy is our joy. We will continue to advocate everywhere for your just cause,” Yıldırım said in response to Üstel’s remarks.

Stressing that the TRNC becoming an observer member in the Organization of Turkic states was a significant step in ending the TRNC’s international isolation, he said, “This step will enable the TRNC to open up to the Turkic world and express itself.”

He concluded his remarks by stating that Türkiye will always support the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriot people.