BRTK Director Özkurt issues message
Date Added: 25 November 2022

Director of Bayrak Radio Television Corporation (BRTK) Meryem Özkurt issued a message to mark the 25th of November International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

In her message Özkurt wrote “If we do not stand as a society against all kinds of violence against women arising from political, social, economic and gender inequality, we will continue to be exposed to this violence as women.”

Director of Bayrak Radio Television Corporation (BRTK) Meryem Özkurt, in her message stated that nothing is being done to find a solution to violence against women in underdeveloped and oppressive societies due to some actions not even being considered violent.

Pointing out that violence against women is one of the most common social problems in the world, that violence has been embodied in different ways from past to present and continues to threaten women’s struggle for existence, Özkurt said “Those who turn a blind eye to violence against women and choose to remain silent are as guilty and responsible as the perpetrators of violence.”

She ended her message by saluting all those who assist women to make their voices heard around the world.