Büyükkonuk Eco day event realized
Date Added: 09 October 2023

The 23rd Büyükkonuk Eco Day event was realized on Sunday.

President Ersin Tatar, Speaker of Parliament Zorlu Töre and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel all attended the event.

The importance of the continuity and support of production was emphasized during the speeches delivered at the event.

Speaking at the event, Mehmetçik Büyükkonuk Mayor Fatma Çimen Tuğlu and Büyükkonuk Mukhtar Mustafa Doğan stated that their biggest goal is to keep the culture of the country alive and pass it on to future generations.

Speaking on behalf of the main opposition party, Republican Turkish Party (CTP) MP, Deputy Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Fazilet Özdenefe pointed to the importance of women working and producing in every field.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel for his part noted that the Büyükkonuk Eco Day event, not only kept the culture of the country alive but allowed women in the region to contribute to their home economy.

Stating that it was the National Unity Party (UBP) that supports production in the country, especially olives and carob, and that carob product is extremely valued, Üstel emphasized that the producers had no need to worry as all the necessary support will be provided.

“If carob has made money in the country, it is thanks to the UBP”, Prime Minister Üstel said, adding that they support carob production by distributing saplings.

Also noting that the social housing project in Büyükkonuk will be realized soon, Üstel said that the project will be carried out in accordance with the cultural and historical structure of the region.

Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre for his part pointed out that the people of the region are productive and value their lands like all Turkish Cypriot people and added that paramount importance is also given to production by the government.

Also addressing the event President Ersin Tatar stated that countries exist with their cultures and that the culture of the country was kept alive with such events.

Tatar said that with the support of Motherland Türkiye great contributions have been made to the country’s tourism and infrastructure, and emphasized that with the further development of the country, production will also develop.