Council of Ministers revises COVID-19 measures

Eklenme Tarihi: 16 Nisan 2021

The Council of Ministers on Thursday revised the COVID-19 measures in accordance with the recommendations of the Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases.

A number of changes were made in light of the latest epidemiological situation.

Prime Minister Ersan Saner, who read out the decisions at a late-night press conference, said that the night-time curfew which was previously between 10pm and 5am has been changed to 9pm and 5am.

The changes which will come into effect on Monday, April 19 will be valid until Monday, April 26.

The full-day curfew will be in place on Sunday April 25. Only pharmacies, petrol stations and bakeries (production only) will be allowed to open on the day.

While no changes have been introduced to opening hours of supermarkets, sectors which are open on Saturday, April 24 will be required to close by 6pm.

Should the current epidemiological situation deteriorate by mid-week, restaurants and eateries will only be allowed to remain open for delivery or takeaway services on Saturday, 24.04.2021.

The limitations introduced for seating customers indoors and outdoors at restaurants, cafes and similar venues remains in place.

Such establishments are not allowed to accept more than 1/3 of their seating capacity.

Education, except for 12th graders, will continue online until further notice.

Teachers and staff at preschools or day-care centres will continue to undergo rapid testing every seven days.

Stricter rules have been introduced for patients receiving medical treatment in the TRNC or South Cyprus and their caretakers.

Individuals will be required to present authorities at crossing points updated and valid prescriptions, reports or receipts of payment from their doctors or the hospital they receive treatment.

Persons who have travelled to the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark or any African country in the last 14 days will be allowed to enter the TRNC on the condition they remain in mandatory quarantine at a state-monitored facility for 14 days.

Individuals who have been granted permission for home quarantine will be transported to their address of residence via bus, taxi or shuttle services assigned by the Finance Ministry.

Birthday and engagement parties and similar events held both indoors and outdoors are strictly forbidden.

Mass worship at mosques or mass iftar (fast-breaking dinners) are not allowed until further notice.

On a positive note, closed-circuit tourism activities limited to three days has resumed.

Tourists who will be arriving via charter flights will be monitored via electronic bracelets.

Hotels will be required to sign a consent form stating that they will not be accepting other guests for accommodation purposes or to use hotel facilities.

Four charter flights will be allowed per week.

Hotel employees will lodge at the hotel premises and will undergo PCR tests every seven days.

Persons responsible for delivering supplies to hotels will be forbidden from coming into contact with hotel personnel.

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