COVID-19 CoronaVac vaccine is 83.5% effective, phase-3 trials show

Eklenme Tarihi: 03 Mart 2021

The COVID-19 CoronaVac vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech is 83.5% effective, according to the results of the phase-3 clinical trial announced by Hacettepe University in Turkey.

The phase-3 trial of the virus was carried out at 24 centres under the coordination of Hacettepe University.

Results also showed that the vaccine is 100% effective in preventing hospitalisations.

The tests also revealed that no major side-effects were seen during the trial.

Common adverse effects caused by the vaccine were fever, mild pain and slight fatigue.

9.8% of the trial patients said they experienced fatigue, 7.6% headaches, 3.8% muscle or joint pain, 2.5% fever, 2.4% chills and 1.6% pain in the arm where the vaccine was administered.