CTP shuts door on talks with UBP
Date Added: 11 May 2022

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has announced that it will not be holding talks with the National Unity Party MP Ünal Üstel who was tasked by President Ersin Tatar to form the next government.

Speaking on a TV programme, the leader of the CTP Tufan Erhürman, said that the problem was not one concerning legality but legitimacy.

He emphasized that the president had assigned an MP who he thought could be able to receive a vote of confidence to form the government.

“As we have said earlier, the issue here is not whether it is legal or not but whether it is legitimate. It is not,” the CTP leader said.

Stating that those responsible for what is happening today are clear, Erhürman emphasized that the will of the people will clean up this mess after Ünal Üstel is appointed.

Erhürman also said that they had clearly expressed their view in parliament that they did not find this government formation process to be legitimate.