DAU visits BRTK broadcasting Museum
Date Added: 03 June 2022

Bayrak Radio Television Corporation welcomed the Eastern Mediterranean University’s (EMU) Faculty of Communication and Media Studies on Thursday.

A delegation from the Eastern Mediterranean University which visited the BRTK Broadcasting Museum consists of the head of the EMU Faculty of Communication and Media Studies Prof. Dr. Bahire Efe, Assistant Prof. Dr. Barçın Boğaç, academician Ahmet Goran, Archivists Ediz Pirhan and Ümit Akdeniz and faculty students.

The visiting delegation received information regarding the broadcasting history of the Turkish Cypriots and the BRTK Corporation by the BRTK Director and EMU academician Meryem Özkurt.

Speaking during the visit Özkurt stated that the museum contained the history of the Turkish Cypriots and samples from all periods of the Turkish Cypriot broadcasting history.

The head of the EMU Communication Faculty Prof. Dr. Bahire Efe touched upon the importance of the BRTK museum and noted that the museum consists of devices used since its establishment.

Also speaking during the visit the Curator of the Museum Ayhatun Ateşin said that the BRTK Broadcasting Museum was the first of its kind in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus adding that the museum was a collective memory of the Turkish Cypriot people.