Economy and Energy Minister Olgun Amcaoğlu visits fair
Date Added: 08 September 2023

The 31st Food Products and Technologies-WorldFood Istanbul, where more than 1,500 local and foreign exhibitors from more than 30 countries are taking part in, is continuing.

The Minister of Economy and Energy Olgun Amcaoğlu who visited the fair on Thursday visited the TRNC stands and met with industrialists who are promoting and marketing their products at the fair.

Speaking to the BRT, Minister Amcaoğlu emphasized that fairs are of great importance in opening up to the world.

Stating that their goal is to do better, Minister Amcaoğlu said that they will update the protocols and agreements with the Republic of Türkiye in the coming days.

Stating that for the first time this year 14 exhibitors were able to take part in the fair, Amcaoğlu noted that as the ministry, they are making efforts so that locals can showcase and promote their products.

“Together with our team and exhibitors, we fulfill the most important condition for the TRNC’s producers to be visible. It is an important step for us. It is our goal to take steps to ensure that we grow further and hope to take part in the fair next year and showcase more of our products,” said Amcaoğlu.

Stating that they aim to ensure that the country’s production can be opened to the world and increase participation in fairs with the renewal of existing protocols and agreements with the Turkish Ministry of Trade in the coming days, Amcaoğlu said that their goal is to do better and show the world what their producers can do.

He also said that the fairs are of great importance in order to update the protocols, to reorganize the Coastal Trade agreements and for niche products to be promoted to the world.