Efforts to form a new government continue
Date Added: 09 May 2022

Efforts to form a new government are continuing on Monday after President Ersin Tatar had held meetings with representatives of political parties with seats in parliament last week.

President Tatar had come together with the representatives of the Rebirth Party (YDP), the Democrat Party (DP) and the People’s Party (HP) on Thursday as well as with representatives of the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after meeting the president, YDP MP Talip Atalay said they were ready to support a government of national consensus that could solve the country’s outstanding problems.

While, the HP leader Kudret Özersay said there were several options that would take the country to elections at a suitable date, the leader of the DP Fikri Ataoğlu for his part drew attention to the urgency of finding solutions to the country’s problems.

While the UBP leader, Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu said it would be against their principles to talk with the DP and the YDP, the leader of the CTP Tufan Erhürman said that the CTP’s position was clear and they were ready to evaluate a government of consensus.”

Evaluating his meetings with the political parties, President Tatar said he will task an MP who could receive a vote of confidence to form a new government adding that this name should be determined by the authorized organs of the political parties.

He added the UBP would be determining its own name.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the CTP Erdoğan Sorakın argued that the president should task the CTP leader Tufan Erhürman to form the new government.

“If the new government will be formed by a UBP MP instead of the party’s leader, this government may be legal but it will definitely not be legitimate,” he said on a post on social media.

“In this regard, the best option is to form a government of consensus made up either of technocrats or MPs and to hold snap elections at a suitable date,” Sorakın added.