Efforts underway to integrate Adapass with Healthpass
Date Added: 03 December 2021

The Health Ministry’s Undersecretary and head of the Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases Deren Oygar on Thursday said that efforts were underway to harmonise the TRNC’s safe pass Adapass with Turkey’s Healthpass application so as to allow easier travel for TRNC citizens.

She also said that everyone living in the TRNC should be able to get an EU vaccination certificate without the need to purchase a plane ticket.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Oygar said that efforts were underway both to integrate the TRNC’s Adapass with Turkey’s Healthpass as well as to allow everyone living in the TRNC to obtain an EU digital Covid-19 certificate without the need to purchase a ticket.

She complained that they had hit a deadlock in talks with EU and Greek Cypriot officials over the matter.

“Despite the fact the issue was discussed numerous times by the bicommunal health committee, it remains unsettled,” the health ministry undersecretary said.

Oygar said that currently Turkish Cypriots vaccinated in the TRNC could apply for a digital travel certificate via a link made available by Greek Cypriot authorities.

“While this provides a temporary and easy fix, the digital certificate should be designed in a way that will cover everyone living in the TRNC, passengers or non-passengers,” she said, adding that the health ministry had made the necessary preparations for the integration process.