Electronic bracelet monitoring system to begin next week

Eklenme Tarihi: 07 Nisan 2021

The electronic bracelet monitoring system for home quarantine as part of COVID-19 measures will be coming into force as of next week; it was announced on Tuesday by Health Minister Ünal Üstel.

A protocol was signed between Finance Minister Dursun Oğuz, Health Minister Ünal Üstel and Murat Küçüközdemir, the Director of North Cyprus Turkcell which will be providing the services to monitor those who need to quarantine.

Finance Minister Dursun Oğuz said that the health ministry will be in charge of monitoring while the finance ministry will be in charge in terms of finance.

“The fight against COVID-19 requires large amounts of money. The electronic bracelet system will bring relief to our country in financial terms, he said, adding that not only will the system save money but additional revenues collected through the system will be used in other needed areas.

Also speaking, Health Minister Ünal Üstel said that those who will be required to quarantine at home will be signing consent forms.

“While we introduce this system we are gradually opening closed sectors to turn the wheels of the economy. I believe this system will be beneficial for the country and allow the revival of tourism in the coming months,” he added.

For his part the Director of North Cyprus Türkcell, Murat Küçüközdemir said that they had been working on the monitoring system for months and were ready to put the system into service after meticulous preparation.

“Our goal is to help the country both in terms of the economy and health. Our hope is that this system will set an example to other countries around the world,” he added.