Erdoğan urges G20 leaders to work for a two-state solution in Palestine
Date Added: 23 November 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that Türkiye is ready to take on responsibility in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, including acting as a guarantor, in the new security architecture to be established, along with other countries.

Participating in the G20 Leaders Summit conducted online via video conference, Erdoğan called on G20 leaders to take the initiative in establishing a two-state solution and emphasized that the tragedy unfolding in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in Gaza, has exceeded the limits of humanity’s tolerance.

Erdoğan said that none of the events in Gaza can be justified by the right to self-defence, explicitly declaring, “War crimes and crimes against humanity are being committed here.”

He also expressed Türkiye’s readiness to take responsibility along with other countries in establishing a new security architecture, including guarantees and urged G20 leaders to take the initiative in establishing a two-state solution.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they view the agreement between the parties on a 4-day humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, where Israeli attacks have been ongoing for more than 6 weeks, as a positive development in terms of alleviating the ongoing bloodshed.

The statement expressed hope that this humanitarian pause will contribute to bringing an end to the conflicts as soon as possible and initiate a process towards a just and lasting peace based on a two-state solution.