Erdoğan’s remarks welcomed in the TRNC
Date Added: 10 July 2024

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement, declaring the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) as a natural member of the Organization of Turkic States, has created a significant stir in the TRNC.

Following his remarks, President Ersin Tatar, Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre, and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel expressed their gratitude to Erdoğan.

Speaking earlier on Tuesday before heading off to Washington D.C to attend a NATO meeting, Turkish President Erdoğan reiterated his call for the recognition of the TRNC, emphasizing that “in our view, the TRNC is already a full member of the Turkic states.” This assertion has had a considerable impact on the political landscape of the TRNC.

President Ersin Tatar shared a message along with a video of Erdoğan’s statements.

In his message, Tatar thanked President Erdoğan, stating, “I extend my sincere gratitude to the President of the Republic of Türkiye, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for his evaluation before departing for America, in response to those who criticized my participation in the meeting with the Turkic States in Azerbaijan.”

Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre also expressed his thanks, highlighting the significance of Erdoğan’s support for the TRNC’s place in the Turkic world.

“The support provided by Türkiye’s President Erdoğan for the TRNC to achieve its rightful position in the Turkic world is invaluable. We will continue our efforts to strengthen and advance our relations with the Organization of Turkic States member states,” Töre said.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel who promptly issued a message following Erdoğan’s remark said, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Motherland and Turkish President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his response to those attempting to isolate the Turkish Cypriot people from the world. By stating, ‘In our view, the TRNC is already a full member of the Organization of Turkic States,’ before he visits Washington, he has shown strong support for the Turkish Cypriot people. We remain determined to enhance and strengthen our dialogue with the members of the Organization of Turkic States.”