Fire Department announces measures
Date Added: 09 January 2024

The Fire Department has issued a statement regarding measures to be taken against floods and fires.

It called on citizens to take the advice and carry out the measures announced by the department.

The Fire Brigade Directorate under the General Directorate of Police announced the measures to be taken against floods.

In the statement, it called on everyone to take care to clean the grills, gutters and drainage system in their homes in order to drain the rainwater without any problems.

In case of flooding it was recommended to take into account the warnings made by the Meteorology Department, not to go outside unless it is very necessary, to stay away from places such as under trees, stay clear of telephone and electricity poles against lightning strikes and to call 199 Fire Brigade Hotline or 101 Civil Defense Hotline in case of emergencies.

It was stated that if you are in a vehicle during a flood, you should stop in time, never try to cross a bridge and always avoid crossing flooded roads.

The Fire Department also made a statement on the precautions to be taken against fires.

In the statement, it was emphasized that flammable materials should not be used to ignite fireplaces or wood stoves.

It was noted that the gas cylinder connections to household stoves and water heaters should be tested with soap foam several times a year, and worn-out hoses should be replaced with new ones.

It was also emphasized that cigarette butts should not be thrown into the environment, roadsides, forest areas, agricultural lands or garbage bins and that chimneys at workplaces, buildings and residences should be regularly cleaned and electrical installations should be checked by experts.

Citizens who see any smoke or signs of fire are asked to immediately contact the 199 Fire Brigade Hotline, 177 Forest Fire Hotline or 155 Police Hotline.