FM Ertuğruloğlu speaks at conference in Bursa
Date Added: 28 March 2024

Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu attended a conference titled “The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the Context of International Law,” organized by the International Relations Community of Bursa Uludağ University.

In his speech at the conference, Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu stated that their ultimate goal was the recognition of the TRNC and expressed the need for equalization of status with the Greek Cypriot Administration.

He stated that the possibility of the two sides in Cyprus establishing a new partnership state was not on the table.

“That’s over, we tried that. We tried to establish it in the 1960s. We know what we have been through since 1963. We know the mentality of the other side very well. We also know who the advisors of the other side are. No one can bring us together with the Greek Cypriots again to establish a state with territorial integrity and single sovereignty,” he said.

Stating that their ultimate goal was the recognition of the TRNC, Ertuğruloğlu emphasized the need for equalization of status with the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Emphasizing that if an agreement is desired, the priority should be the equalization of statuses, Ertuğruloğlu said: “If there will be negotiations from now on, let it be between two states if necessary. What will be the goal? The goal is to establish good neighbourly relations between these 2 states, because there are hydrocarbons and natural resources in the Blue Homeland. The evaluation of these, through negotiations between the 2 states, does not allow any formula that excludes Türkiye to evaluate the hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is not possible. Türkiye, which has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean, is being excluded. The TRNC is being ignored, and the Greek Cypriot side is making various agreements with American companies, French companies, Israel, Egypt, etc.”

He said that various countries were producing scenarios that excluded Türkiye and the TRNC, none of which had the slightest chance of success.

“If the natural resources in the Blue Homeland are to be utilized, there is only one way. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will also be involved in these efforts, Türkiye will lead these efforts, and if these resources are to be delivered to Europe through Türkiye, they will be. There is no other formula,” Ertuğruloğlu stressed.

Emphasizing their commitment to the strong relationship that existed between motherland Türkiye and Turkish Cypriots, Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu said, “We will not believe in any country or international community’s assurances, we will trust ourselves. We will trust our just cause. We will trust our motherland. As a member of the Turkish nation that has created epic tales on the island of Cyprus, we will shape our future.”