Germany wants to help accelerate Cyprus negotiations
Date Added: 26 May 2023

Germany has expressed its desire to restart a momentum on the Cyprus problem.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday said that Germany wanted to help to reignite a momentum in the stalled Cyprus negotiation process.

“Germany continues to support a settlement in which Cyprus will be a bi-zonal federal state and both communities are represented in the administration of this state. The basis of which are United Nations resolutions,” he said.

Stressing that he wanted the stalled negotiation process to gain momentum, Scholz said, “However, all parties need to show political courage for this. I know it exists and you are ready to do something. Germany is ready to contribute to everyone’s greater trust in each other and to support the negotiation process if requested.”

The German Chancellor also evaluated the Eastern Mediterranean issue.

“The region has great economic potential and there are good opportunities for regional cooperation, for example on energy,” Scholz said.

Stating that good neighbourly relations were in the interest of all countries in the region, he said, “I believe that the issues in the Eastern Mediterranean can be resolved through dialogue and of course on the basis of international law. This also applies to relations between Cyprus and Türkiye and all of Europe.”

He also pointed to the need to have good relations with Türkiye and said, “It is quite clear that the problems in Cyprus can only be solved in good cooperation with Türkiye.”