Health Ministry Undersecretary Oygar made evaluations to TAK News Agency
Date Added: 05 August 2022

The Health Ministry Undersecretary Düriye Deren Oygar evaluated the relative decline in Covid-19 cases and warned the public.

Noting that schools will be opened next month, Oygar stressed that the number of cases should be reduced as much as possible.

Referring to the importance of vaccination, she said “the vaccination of children should be given priority.”

The Health Ministry Undersecretary Düriye Deren Oygar, made evaluations to the Turkish News Agency (TAK) regarding the relative decrease observed in Covid-19 cases in the country in the last week, fatal cases due to Covid, Covid-19 vaccines and the Monkeypox virus detected in South Cyprus.

Noting that although there were three deaths due to Covid in the last week, Oygar however said there was no increase in fatal cases.

“Two of these three fatal cases were from the advanced age groups affected by all viral infections and one was from the chronic patients group who received immunosuppressive therapy” she explained.

Stating that that there was a decrease in hospitalizations due to Covid-19, Oygar said “as of yesterday, there are no patients treated in the intensive care unit. Currently, there are eight Covid patients in total at the hospital. Five of them are being treated for chest diseases, two for infections and one is receiving treatment at the internal medicine services.”

Evaluating the relative decline in cases in the last week after the ‘peak’ in Covid-19 cases in July, she reminded that they had re-implemented the mask requirement in closed and crowded areas due to increasing cases and said that there could even be a decrease in cases depending on how well we comply with the measures.

Stressing the importance of vaccination, Oygar said “people who need to be vaccinated should have their vaccinations according to the Covid-19 vaccine table published by the Ministry of Health. The vaccination of children should also be given priority.”

Stating that there are enough Covid-19 vaccine in the country at the moment, she said “we expect the same in September. There are new vaccine studies. If there are no new vaccines, we will ask for the same vaccines. But if there are new vaccines, we will demand new vaccines.”

Oygar said that after the detection of the first Monkeypox case in South Cyprus, they discussed the issue at the Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases, the Infection Control Committee and the Bi-Communal Technical Committee on Health.

Noting that there were so far no suspected or identified cases of Monkeypox in the country, she said that the kits used for the diagnosis of Monkeypox are available in the country adding that a possible suspected case can be diagnosed with these kits at the Lefkoşa Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital’s Genetics Laboratory.

Stating that as the Ministry of Health, they published the “Monkeypox Guidebook” in both Turkish and English in order to inform the public about the disease, Oygar explained that they have reserved isolated rooms in the infectious diseases service.

“Because the vaccine supply is limited in the world we requested the smallpox vaccine from Türkiye and the EU” she added.