Higher Committee announces revised COVID-19 decisions

Eklenme Tarihi: 31 Mayıs 2021

The Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases on Sunday announced the latest COVID-19 measures.

According to the latest decisions, criteria for arriving passengers will depend on the risk category of the countries of their arrival. The criteria will be updated regularly according to epidemiological data.

The risk levels for countries will also be valid for transit passengers.

Individuals who provide an address of residence in the TRNC and who download the ‘Stay Safe’ application before their arrival will be allowed to isolate or quarantine at their place of residence for 10-14 days.

Persons who are unable to provide an address will be required to spend their quarantine at a state-monitored facility for 10-14 days.

All individuals, except for TRNC citizens, who have travelled to India, Brazil, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Cameroon in the last 14 days, will not be allowed into the country until further notice.

Hotels wishing to carry out domestic tourism will sign a declaration of consent and will be allowed to operate under certain conditions. Hotel employees will be required to undergo PCR testing every seven days. Hotels carrying out domestic tourism will not be allowed to host wedding or engagement receptions or accept tourists in the country via closed-circuit tourism.

Such hotels will also not be allowed to be used as quarantine hotels.

Maronites residing in the TRNC will be allowed to cross over to the south to meet with first degree family members with PCR tests repeated every seven days. These individuals will be exempt from quarantine when returning to the TRNC.

The same rule applies for TRNC citizens living in the mixed village of Pile.

Museums will be allowed to open as of Monday with the implementation of social distancing measures.

Spectators will also be allowed for sporting activities. While spectators are required to practice social distancing when watching sporting activities carried outdoors, spectators indoors will be allowed at one third of the sitting capacity.