Hulusi Akar speaks on Cyprus Issue

Eklenme Tarihi: 18 Kasım 2020

Turkish National Defence Minister Hulusi Akar on Tuesday said the security of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was necessary to ensure prosperity.

“Cyprus is Turkey’s national cause,” Akar said in a video conference with force commanders.

The Turkish defence minister also took the opportunity to once again congratulate the TRNC on its 37th anniversary of establishment.

“We wish and hope for a permanent solution through peaceful and political tools,” Akar said, adding that the Greek Cypriots need to give up their uncompromising stance, accept Turkish existence and acknowledge the fact that they are also sovereign and equal elements on the island.

Noting that Turkey will continue to fulfil its responsibilities as the guarantor of the TRNC, Akar said Ankara will not allow any sort of fait accompli.

“As Turkey we will always protect the TRNC’s rights and interests. We will not allow anyone to usurp the Turkish Cypriots’ rights. We have repeatedly stated that we will not allow any sort of fait accompli. There is no chance we will let this happen,” he said.