Investment in TRNC
Date Added: 01 December 2023

President Ersin Tatar emphasized that peace and security in the country is important for foreign investors.

Tatar pointed out that the fact that the country is safe as well as having many advantages contributes to a favourable investment climate.

President Ersin Tatar received investment consultant Sertaç Özinal and highlighted the reasons why peace and security are very important in attracting investors to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Speaking during the visit, Tatar noted that the country’s safety, along with its various advantages, contributes to a favourable investment climate.

President Tatar mentioned that tourism and higher education are key sources of income, adding that agriculture, industry, and construction also play significant roles in contributing to the country’s economy.

He noted that peace and tranquillity have been maintained in Cyprus since 1974, attracting students from around the world and encouraging people to settle here.

Tatar said that the utilization of water from Türkiye has led to progress in agriculture and tourism, aided by the island’s advantageous geographical location.

President Ersin Tatar stated that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, an independent and sovereign Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean, has maritime jurisdiction areas in the Blue Homeland, and that efforts are underway to strengthen the TRNC in all matters and to increase cooperation with Türkiye.

“There is great potential in the Eastern Mediterranean in terms of fishing, tourism and maritime issues as well as natural resources” said Tatar.

Explaining that the unfair restrictions and obstacles imposed on the TRNC were overcome with the steps taken in science and technology, he pointed out that there have been significant developments in artificial intelligence, research and development and digitalization.

Stating that there are successful business people in the country despite the unfair restrictions and embargoes imposed on the Turkish Cypriots, President Tatar said; “There are entrepreneurs in the TRNC that have the capacity and potential and are integrated with the world.”

Sertaç Özinal for his part stated that the TRNC has significant advantages in becoming a competitive technological centre in the international arena, and that the projects developed will make significant contributions in the global arena as well as domestically.

He said that he believes that the projects developed in the TRNC will also attract the interest of investors abroad, and emphasized that he is always ready to provide the necessary support.