Investments in the Agriculture sector
Date Added: 25 January 2024

Investments and support to the agricultural sector continue in cooperation with the Turkish Development and Economic Cooperation Office (KEI) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

According to a statement issued by the KEI office, investments in agriculture and the producer-based real sector have played a major role in revitalizing the TRNC’s agricultural sector.

Information was also provided on the projects carried out in the field of agriculture with the financing and technical support of Türkiye.

Among the prominent projects are the Cooperation Protocol in the Field of Agricultural Research (TAGEM) Project, Agricultural Research and Development Project (TAGEP), Husbandry, Disease and Pest Control Project, Drinking Water and Transmission Lines, Maintenance, Repair, Renovation and Material Procurement Project, Development of Animal Husbandry and Organized Animal Shelters Project, Island-wide Stream Improvement, Pond Cleaning and Renewal of Irrigation Systems Project, Agriculture and Rural Development Financial Support Program and the Agriculture Investment and Grant Program.

In 2022, ₺105m of rural development support was provided to 9 thousand 834 producers, and it was stated that the seed production of new barley varieties such as “Reşatbey” and “Beşparmak” was realized.

Within the scope of the projects, the water treated at the Lefkoşa Waste Water Treatment Plant was delivered to the State Production Farms and used for large-scale irrigation projects in the Mesarya plain and a total of 1,230 decares of land have started to be irrigated.

With the water support provided to the Güzelyurt plain, the agricultural productivity of the region has increased.

As part of the 2023 Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement, ₺70m was allocated to meet the 1-month fodder barley needs of 4,135 small cattle breeders in the TRNC, who had been affected by the drought.

This program aims to prevent a possible shrinkage in the small cattle breeding sector.

The program, which will strengthen agricultural cooperation and solidarity between the two countries, also aims to increase the small cattle population in the country.

The statement also noted that within the framework of the “Husbandry, Disease and Pest Control Project” carried out in cooperation with the Veterinary Department, important steps were taken to protect public health and prevent animal diseases.

Financing was provided for activities such as the purchase of ear tags and materials for the animal registration system, increasing laboratory capacities, and purchasing vaccines and equipment for animal diseases.

In addition, a total of 15 TAGEM and 5 TAGEP projects were successfully carried out in 2023.

Within the framework of the project carried out in cooperation with the Animal Husbandry Department, the infrastructure needs of Organized Livestock Zones were met with basic services such as roads, water and electricity.

The statement noted that the projects are aimed at sustainable development in the livestock and agriculture sectors of the TRNC and are considered of great economic and environmental importance.