İsmet Kotak commemorated
Date Added: 11 September 2023

Former minister, member of parliament, TMT member, and former director of Bayrak Radio Television Corporation (BRTK), İsmet Kotak, was commemorated by his grave on the 12th anniversary of his death.

Speeches were delivered during the ceremony highlighting Kotak’s contributions to the country and the Turkish Cypriot people.

The speeches emphasized that Kotak was an exemplary figure whose leadership qualities would never be forgotten.

A commemoration ceremony was held at the gravesite of İsmet Kotak, who played a prominent role in the struggle for the existence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), made significant contributions to its establishment, was a member of the government that declared the republic, and was the third signatory on the declaration of independence.

İsmet Kotak was also a former minister, member of parliament, TMT member, journalist, writer, and former director of BRTK.

Celal Bayar, the President of the TMT Fighters Association, who spoke during the commemoration ceremony said that Kotak was a true statesman, a devoted family man, and a patriotic figure who left a legacy.

Bayar stated that Kotak had a role in the establishment of the TRNC and dedicated himself to preserving it.

He also mentioned that Kotak closely followed not only events in Cyprus but also international media.

İsmet Kotak’s elder son Serhat Kotak, who spoke next, emphasized that his father valued art and culture, did everything for his people, worked tirelessly for the establishment and governance of the state, prioritized the interests of the people over his own, and was honest, loving, successful, and humble.

He expressed pride in being the son of someone with such qualities.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel in his speech said that thanks to valuable and unforgettable individuals like İsmet Kotak, freedom was being experienced in the country.

Zorlu Töre, the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly, described İsmet Kotak as an exemplary leader, highlighting his qualities, including his ideas, thoughts, energy, innovative nature, contemporary thinking, productivity, and leadership skills.

Töre noted that Kotak always stood for what was right and was a staunch supporter of Atatürk’s principles, a defender of his country, and a true believer in KKTC.

President Ersin Tatar who delivered the final speech recalled that he had known İsmet Kotak from an early age and shared many memories with him.

He described Kotak as a hardworking and energetic individual, remembering him as the youngest minister in TRNC history and as someone who was referred to as a future leader.

“From an early age, our paths crossed at different junctures in my life, and as someone who shared his thoughts, I remember him with great respect. A journalist, curious about social life, with his artistic personality, writings, thoughts, cooperatives, and political identity, he provided great service and dedication to the Turkish Cypriot People. His legacy will always be with us,” he said.

Following the speeches, prayers were offered at İsmet Kotak’s grave, and a moment of silence was observed.