Kastamonu Cyprus Veterans visit Töre
Date Added: 06 October 2023

Acting President and Speaker of Parliament Zorlu Töre received the Kastamonu Cyprus Veterans delegation who are paying a visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Speaking during the visit, Töre pointed out that after the Peace Operation the Turkish Cypriot people have a state and that it is the primary duty of everyone to protect this state.

Noting that Türkiye and the Turkish army are of vital importance for the Turkish Cypriot people, Töre stated that the Turkish Cypriots have always shown determination despite all kinds of injustice they have faced by the international community.

He also noted that without the Cyprus Peace Operation, Cyprus would be in a situation like Crete or the 12 islands today.

Stating that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the work of martyrs and veterans, mujahedeen and Mehmetçiks, Töre emphasized that they will protect what was entrusted to them in the best way possible.