Kıran says int. community needs to accept TRNC reality
Date Added: 22 October 2021

Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran said on Thursday that the international community needed to come to terms with the reality that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus existed.

Kıran, addressing the Ankara Chamber of Commerce’s monthly assembly meeting, urged the international community to abandon the lie that the Greek Cypriot administration was the only legitimate government on the island of Cyprus.

He pointed out that Turkey was doing everything possible for the prosperity and welfare of the Turkish Cypriot people.

“We all observed how the international community panicked when we launched the initiative to reopen the fenced-off city of Maraş. That is why those fake alliances that stand before us mean nothing. They do not consort with the realities on the island,” Kıran said.

The Deputy Turkish Foreign Minister Selim Kıran for his part said that Turkey extended its full support to the TRNC in the field of trade as it did in other areas.

He added that Turkey will continue to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot people.