Meeting held at the Presidential Palace to assess TRNC’s earthquake safety
Date Added: 14 February 2023

A meeting was held at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday to discuss ways on ensuring that current and new buildings in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) were earthquake-proof.

Discussions also focused on existing building codes as well as the phases constructions go through before receiving final approval.

An agreement was reached at the meeting to prepare an assessment report that will be then submitted to Prime Minister Ünal Üstel.

It was also decided at the meeting to establish a scientific advisory committee on earthquakes that will prepare reports and make assessments concerning the country’s preparedness for earthquakes.

Ways of introducing stricter control mechanisms for building constructions was also discussed during the meeting.

A general consensus was reached on increasing the number of qualified personnel and authorities of professionals in charge of inspecting the various stages of building constructions.

According to the understanding reached at the meeting, schools, public buildings, social housing and buildings constructed before 1990 will be given priority.

These structures will be inspected immediately to assess whether they could withstand a serious earthquake.

The meeting was attended by President Ersin Tatar, the head of the Cyprus Turkish Chambers of Civil Engineers and Architects Tunç Adanır, the head of the Building Contractors Association Cafer Gürcafer, Geosciences expert Prof Dr. Cavit Atalar, Academics Prof. Dr Cemal Atakara and other officials from the Office of the President.