Messages on World Theatre Day
Date Added: 27 March 2023

President Ersin Tatar and Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre issued messages to mark the 27th of March World Theatre day.

The importance of theatre in the lives of Turkish Cypriot people was emphasized in the messages marking the day.

In his message President Tatar emphasized that theatre has an important place in the Turkish Cypriot people’s world of art in the sense it allowed them to regain their self esteem throughout history.

The president noted he will be giving all necessary support to theatre and other branches of art due to the educational power of art and its liberating abilities.

“Theatre, instils a sense of social belonging and common consciousness in individuals, teaches humanity to look at events from a different perspective by dealing with life and people with a critical style, and develops the intellectual and cultural identity of societies by strengthening the spiritual values ​​of society,” said Tatar.

Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre in his message who quoted from Great Turkish Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, “A nation without art has lost one of its vital vessels” drew attention to the importance of theatre and art in people’s lives.