MFA criticizes EU Summit Conclusions
Date Added: 19 April 2024

The TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, evaluating the Statement of Conclusions of the European Union Leaders Summit, stated that the EU should encourage the Greek Cypriot administration, the main source of the Cyprus issue, to accept the two-state solution proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side, based on sovereign equality and equal international status.

The ministry emphasized the need for a two-state solution in Cyprus, stating that “The time for a two-state solution in Cyprus has come.”

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said that the EU continues to display a biased stance on the Cyprus issue in favour of the Greek Cypriot administration despite the fact that this was a blatant violation of its own principles.

Highlighting observations from the Summit’s conclusions, the Ministry noted that statements pertaining to Türkiye also encompassed matters concerning the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

In a critical tone, the Ministry accused the EU of persisting in its efforts to integrate the Republic of Cyprus into the EU, despite contravening international treaties and its own membership criteria.

This, it argued, deflects from the EU’s role as a key contributor to the current state of the Cyprus issue.

Furthermore, the ministry condemned the EU’s attempt to entangle Türkiye-EU relations with the Cyprus matter.

Drawing attention to the exhausted talks for a federal settlement, the TRNC Foreign Ministry emphasized the futility of persisting with this model that has been unsuccessfully attempted for over fifty years.

It reiterated the necessity of embracing a two-state solution for Cyprus.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the EU’s biased approach favoring the Greek Cypriot administration, the Ministry asserted that EU institutions, which it considers complicit in isolating the Turkish Cypriot people while providing comfort to the Greek Cypriot side, should refrain from involvement in the Cyprus issue.

“Instead, the EU should encourage the so-called Republic of Cyprus to entertain the Turkish Cypriots’ proposal for a two-state solution, grounded in principles of sovereign equality and equal international status, rather than solely shifting blame to Türkiye,” the ministry said.