National Unity Party sets congress date for Sept 21
Date Added: 09 July 2024

The National Unity Party (UBP) has announced that it will hold its ordinary party congress on September 21, 2024.

The news was announced on Monday by UBP leader and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel who also declared his candidacy for the party leadership, emphasizing his commitment to the stability of both the country and the party.

Speaking to reporters after the UBP Party Council’s meeting, Üstel highlighted the historical significance and enduring spirit of the National Unity Party, which he said has led the Turkish Cypriot people’s struggle for existence.

Üstel expressed his pride in being a member and the leader of the UBP, underscoring his consistent and steadfast approach in all the roles he has undertaken.

He acknowledged the internal struggles faced by the party over the past decade and credited the party members for overcoming these challenges together.

Discussing the ongoing efforts for a stable government, Üstel praised the harmony achieved with the Ankara governments, which has facilitated the resolution of long-standing issues.

He emphasized that the government’s actions and party initiatives have always been people-centric.

Üstel assured that the UBP is financially strong and has no debt, with plans underway for constructing a new headquarters building.

He reaffirmed that the party has emerged stronger from each congress and looked forward to the upcoming one.

“I am running for leadership because I have the support of the party base and its leaders. I want stability for the party and the country, to complete unfinished business, and to maintain our strong relations with Türkiye. We aim to continue our governance and emerge as the leading party in the next election,” Üstel stated.

The announcement was broadcast on a large screen outside the party headquarters, where UBP supporters gathered to watch.

After his speech, Üstel joined the crowd to greet and embrace the party members.

Meanwhile, three other party members have announced their intention to run for the party’s leadership bringing the total number of candidates to four.