New COVID-19 rules at crossing points

Eklenme Tarihi: 17 Kasım 2020

The Higher Committee for Contagious Diseases has announced it has updated quarantine requirements for those using the crossing points in view of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in South Cyprus.

According to the new decisions, all those wishing to cross over to South Cyprus as of November 19 will have to present a negative PCR test result and enter a seven-day mandatory quarantine on their return to the TRNC.

Those wishing to enter the TRNC from South Cyprus but will be staying longer that three days will also be required to quarantine at a designated facility for seven days.

All those crossing into the TRNC will also have to present a negative PCR test carried out in the last 72 hours.

Individuals who cross over to the south for education, health and work purposes will be exempt from these requirements but will be subject to random testing at the crossing points.

Residents of the village of Pile, EU, UN and British Bases Personnel as well as diplomatic corps are also exempt from the practice.

The Higher Committee of Contagious Diseases also announced that it is extending the ban on close-contact sports activities such as boxing, wrestling and combat sports until November 30.

Clubs and discos will also remain closed until that day.

Cinemas and theatres however will be allowed to re-open on the condition that strict social distancing rules are followed.

Customers will also have to wear face masks and venues will have to be ventilated properly. Members of the audience will be seated 1.5m apart from each other.