New NOTAM limiting daily flights to TRNC issued

Eklenme Tarihi: 03 Mart 2021

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications issued a new NOTAM (notice for airmen) on Tuesday limiting the number of commercial flights to the TRNC.

According to the new NOTAM, daily flights to the TRNC will be limited to three per day in line with the TRNC’s capacity to quarantine arriving passengers.

Only TRNC citizens, their parents, spouses or children travelling from countries where flight restrictions are being imposed after new variants of COVID-19 have been detected will be allowed entry into the country on the condition they enter quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Works and Communications Resmiye Canaltay told BRT on Wednesday that all persons entering the country will be placed in mandatory quarantine.

She said that the NOTAM was issued after a surge in mutated variants of COVID-19 was detected in some countries.

Explaining that daily flights to the TRNC will be limited to three per day, Canaltay said all arriving passengers will quarantine.

“We are expecting around 4000 students. More flights to the country mean a drop in ticket prices. We are going through a difficult period. The government is doing all it can to enable university students to return, to protect the public’s health and to help the economy back on track,” she said.