New Tatlısu cycling and walking path inaugurated
Date Added: 12 February 2024

The new Tatlısu Municipality Cycling and Walking Path project, financed by the Republic of Türkiye’s Development and Economic Cooperation Office, was inaugurated with a ceremony on Sunday.

The Cycling and Walking Path project, realized by Tatlısu Municipality with financing from the Republic of Türkiye’s Development and Economic Cooperation Office, was inaugurated with a ceremony on Sunday.

While the new 10km stretch is expected to contribute to the country’s economy, the ultimate goal is also to host international cycling races on this route.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan recalled stating that another tourism model was possible when embarking on this project, expressing that the newly completed project will contribute to the country’s tourism.

Orçan expressed gratitude to those who contributed to the successful completion of the project, which came to life with the support of the Development and Economic Cooperation Office of the Turkish Embassy and added that they would elevate the project to a level where International Cycling Races could be held.

Later at the opening, Hüseyin Akcan, President of the Cycling Enthusiasts Association, Salih Yağızat, President of the Cycling Federation, and Murat Suyabatmaz, President of the Türkiye Cyclists Association, each delivered speeches.

Metin Feyzioğlu, the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa, expressed that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) will continue to develop through sports, education, industry, advanced technology initiatives, and alternative tourism.

Feyzioğlu, who drew attention to a number of successful projects implemented by the Mayor of Tatlısu, said that the representative of Turkish Airlines present at the opening promised to transport bicycles of cyclists coming to the country for free as a promotion, but he stated that this would be finalized by discussions with the Istanbul office.

Ambassador Feyzioğlu also mentioned that they would consult with the Directorate of Highways regarding the mentioned road and see what could be done regarding its suitability for international races.

Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly, Zorlu Töre, expressed the country’s great need for such projects, stating that motherland Türkiye was always with them and mentioning that some embargoes could be broken with such events.

President Ersin Tatar also stated that the country still struggles with unjust embargoes, noting that great injustices have been done to the Turkish Cypriot youth.

Indicating the need to lift the isolation and embargoes on the TRNC, Tatar stated that this situation is contrary to human rights.

He expressed their efforts to break unjust embargoes and wished the newly inaugurated road to be beneficial and auspicious for the country’s tourism.

After the speeches, the opening ceremony continued with the awarding of prizes to the winners of a bicycle race carried out on the occasion.

The ceremony ended with participants cycling and walking on the road.