Oil slick off Girne coast cleaned up completely
Date Added: 20 April 2023

The oil slick off the coast of Girne has been completely cleaned up completely, the Environment Department announced on Thursday.

The head of the department Abdullah Aktolga who spoke to BRT said that a 100-120 meter thin stretch of slick believed to have leaked from a passing ship has been collected and the beaches cleaned up.

On Wednesday, teams from the Environment Department, the Coast Guard and municipalities scrambled to avert a disaster that threatened the northern shoreline.

The oil slick, believed to have been caused by a passing ship was contained and cleaned up before hitting the coastline.

A small part of the slick which hit some of the beaches was also completely cleaned up.

The head of the Environment Department praised the efforts of the teams who worked tirelessly to deal with the spill.

He explained that while the thicker layer of oil was collected easily with skimmers, the remainder of the slick was removed using synthetic sorbent materials.

Aktolgalı said that the oil collected from the spill will be disposed of at the Gürdağ Dangerous Waste Disposal Facility.