Oktay visits site for new industrial zone

Eklenme Tarihi: 02 Nisan 2021

The visiting Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay embarked on his contacts in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on Thursday shortly after his arrival on the island.

Oktay’s first stop was the site in Güvercinlik, in the Gazimağusa District, where a new industrial zone will be constructed.

The Turkish Vice President was accompanied by Prime Minister Ersan Saner and Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of Economy and Energy Erhan Arıklı.

Speaking during the visit, Deputy Prime Minister Arıklı said that the plan was to transform the area into a production zone.

Prime Minister Ersan Saner told reporters that the new industrial zone will contribute greatly to the country’s economy.

“The country’s economy can only develop as long as there is production which is why the area will be a great contribution,” he said.

Saner added that being able to export products to the global market was just as important as production.

“Being able to compete with other countries is important so we shall be benefitting from motherland Turkey’s experiences and planning our sectors accordingly,” he noted.

Also touching upon the new TV drama series “Once upon a time Cyprus” which aired on Thursday night, Saner said the series will be showing the world how and where the Cyprus Problem began.

He added that the world will come to know that the Cyprus Problem did not begin in 1974 as claimed by the Greek Cypriots but in the 1950s.

The Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay for his part said that the main purpose of his visit to the TRNC was to attend the gala of the new TV series but that he would be following up on the latest progress achieved in the projects being carried out by Turkey.

He said that Turkey desired a TRNC which produced, which can stand on its own feet and which offers younger generations a future to look forward to.

Oktay added that the new industrial zone will be the most modern of its kind in the country and that efforts to remove bureaucratic obstacles were underway.

He underlined the importance of passing necessary legislation in parliament which will remove the obstacles.