Parl. Committee following up on İsias case
Date Added: 20 November 2023

The temporary and special parliamentary committee formed to monitor the legal and judicial process related to the earthquake on February 6 announced that it closely follows every stage of the judicial process in Türkiye.

In a statement issued by parliament on Sunday, it was emphasized that the committee will continue to monitor the case against the operators of the Isias Hotel in Adıyaman which had collapsed in the February 6 earthquake resulting in the death of 35 members of the Gazimağusa Türk Maarif College Secondary School Volleyball Team which were in city to take part in a tournament.

Five people connected with the hotel were arrested following the earthquake and are now standing trial.

A temporary special committee was formed in the Republic’s Assembly to follow up on the developments closely.

According to a statement issued by the committee, the indictment filed by the Adıyaman Public Prosecutor’s Office states that the defendants did not sufficiently comply with earthquake regulations applicable at the time of the building’s construction, acted contrary to the technical requirements necessitated by science, and therefore had faults in the building’s collapse.

The statement noted that a significant stage of the investigation process has been completed with the indictment, and it is planned to move to the trial stage in the near future.

The committee, during this process, held a series of contacts in Türkiye, meeting with ministers, members of parliament and prosecutors related to the matter, actively following the issue.

The statement indicated that the trial phase will begin shortly, and the committee would continue to follow the case until justice is served for the Champion Angels.

In a separate statement on Sunday, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel who was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the trial on the İsias Hotel was one that concerned the entire Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

“The İsias case is the Turkish Cypriots’ case,” he said, adding that they will continue to pursue the matter until justice is served.