Parl. Speaker Töre commemorated Arpalık Martyrs with a message
Date Added: 06 February 2024

5 Turkish Cypriots who were martyred during the Greek Cypriot attacks in the Arpalık village in 1964 are being commemorated.

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre commemorated the Arpalık Martyrs with a message.

In his message the Speaker of Parliament Zorlu Töre said that he commemorates the Arpalık Martyrs with much respect on the 60th anniversary of their martyrdom.

He said that the 5 mujahids who were martyred as a result of the Greek Cypriot attack on the village of Arpalık on February 6, 1964, engraved their names in golden letters in the history of the Turkish Cypriot struggle alongside other heroes who put their lives on the line to maintain the Turkish existence on the island.

He said that history is proof that the people of Cyprus have always passed through many struggles in order to make their lands a homeland and that the people, as mujahids have, never succumbed to the pressures and resisted for their freedom.

“Today, this homeland, where our flag with the crescent and star is waving in every corner, is entrusted to us by our martyrs, veterans, mujahids and Mehmetçiks. May the souls of our martyrs rest in peace” said Töre.