Parl. Speaker Töre in Türkiye
Date Added: 28 February 2024

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre gave a conference titled “The Rightful Struggle of the Turkish Cypriots from Yesterday to Today” at Ankara University.

The conference was attended by the university’s rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar, faculty members and students.

The opening speech of the conference was delivered by Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar followed by the screening of a short video on Cyprus outlining its history and realities.

Speaking after the video, the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre said that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was the gift given by the martyrs, not the US, the EU or the United Nations.

Stating that the debt owed to the martyrs could only be paid by protecting and preserving the TRNC, Töre emphasized that this is also a responsibility that everyone has towards their nation and history.

Stating that the Turkish state in the north of the island of Cyprus is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Turkish nation, Töre said that the heroic Turkish soldiers and Turkish Cypriot freedom fighters fought and died together for the freedom of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Pointing out that Cyprus is a national cause not only for Turkish Cypriots but the entire Turkish nation; Töre stated that it is necessary to be vigilant against the games that are trying to be played in Cyprus.

Pointing out that the Greek Cypriots are still attempting to transform Cyprus into a “Greek island”, Töre said “We will protect our history, our nation, our army, our martyrs and veterans. Only in this way can we continue on our way. As soon as we make the slightest mistake, great disasters may await us in the future.”

Meanwhile the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre is expected to visit Kırşehir today where he will speak at a conference at Ahi Evran University.

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre who flew to Türkiye on Tuesday was greeted by the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

According to the information given by the parliament, the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre and the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak made statements to the press at Esenboğa Airport.

Töre said that he will give conferences today at Ankara University and tomorrow at Kırşehir Ahi Evran University and said that he is always happy to be in Ankara, which he sees as the capital of the Turkic world.

Stating that they express their views and thoughts on national issues through conferences, Töre noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words that “the world is bigger than five” guides them.

Emphasizing that Erdoğan’s calls for Turkish Cypriots at the UN General Assembly for two consecutive years were of great importance for them, Töre stated that the projects carried out by the Motherland for the Turkish Cypriots were instrumental in easing the embargoes.

Osman Aşkın Bak for his part expressed his joy at hosting the Speaker of Parliament Zorlu Töre in Ankara and said that they will continue to invest in the TRNC under the leadership of President Erdoğan.

Pointing out that Cyprus was a national cause for them, Bak stated that they wish to fulfil their duty in the best way possible in order to raise awareness of young people at this point.

Meanwhile the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Zorlu Töre also met with the former Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and former Deputy Prime Minister for Cyprus Affairs Bülent Arınç at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

While Töre informed Arınç about the contacts he will carry out in Türkiye, the two men also exchanged views on the Cyprus problem.