Parl. Speaker Töre receives delegation from SANKON
Date Added: 09 July 2024

 Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly, Zorlu Töre, welcomed the delegation from the Turkish Confederation of Industry and Commerce (SANKON), expressing a commitment to revitalizing the TRNC economy through collaborative efforts with investors from Türkiye.

Speaking during the meeting, SANKON President Ferudun Cevahiroğlu emphasized the importance of economic, political, and cultural relations between Türkiye and the TRNC, stating that they would actively work towards strengthening these ties.

Speaker Töre for his part expressed his happiness about the planned investments by the Confederation in the TRNC, highlighting that mutual steps taken in the fields of industry and commerce would benefit the economies of both countries.

Töre noted that Türkiye is their largest trade partner and emphasized the crucial role of businesspeople in enhancing economic ties.

He assured that Turkish investors are considered an integral part of their community and that joint efforts would be made to boost the TRNC economy.

Additionally, Töre stressed the importance of local production and employment, affirming that the TRNC, founded with the blood of martyrs, would continue to thrive and uphold these lands through its productive efforts.