Parl. Speaker Töre receives Supreme Broadcasting Board
Date Added: 12 September 2023

Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre received a delegation from the Supreme Broadcasting Board on Monday.

Speaking during the visit the head of the Supreme Broadcasting Board Feyzi Hansel said that they were working to ensure that the country will benefit from the innovations in technology that have taken place in recent years.

Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre for his part expressed the hope that the Supreme Broadcasting Board will become more effective and efficient and stated that it should continue to expand its horizons.

Stating that control and supervision of web TVs in the country is very important, Töre noted that attention should be paid to objectionable content that could harm the development of children and society.

“We should not be afraid to develop but we should be afraid of the absence of controls,” said Töre, adding that they will do their best to ensure that the amendments to the law are discussed at parliamentary committees and the general assembly.