PM Sucuoğlu addressed Ercan Airport claims
Date Added: 19 January 2022

Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu stated that airline prices have been high in recent days and that during his recent visit to Turkey he had held consultations regarding how these prices can be reduced.

He said that they discussed what the outcome would be if Ercan was accepted as a domestic flight in airport taxation fees for flights between Turkey and Ercan.

Stating that the initiatives they have taken in Turkey were received well but that this has led to panic among some opposition circles, the Prime Minister noted that baseless allegations were made regarding the inclusion of the TRNC in the domestic flight taxation system.

Noting that there is a 37 euro fee difference between domestic and international flights alone in terms of taxation, the Premier said that if an agreement can be reached ticket prices between the TRNC and Turkey will be reduced by a minimum of 37 Euros.

“We will continue to serve the interests and benefits of the Turkish Cypriot people and produce projects in this direction with the support of Motherland Turkey” said Sucuoğlu.